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Phil Carpenter is a veteran photojournalist and videojournalist based in Montreal, Quebec.

He's deeply curious about how people live.  It’s at the heart of his work and it is what brought him to journalism. His nearly three decades experience as a photojournalist, and more recently years as TV reporter and video journalist, has taken him across the globe reporting on a range of issues.   

First and foremost, Phil is a visual storyteller.  His love for people and a genuine interest in their experiences and what motivates them, are evident in his photography.  He has a particular interest in cultural traditions and rituals and believes it is these, more than anything else, are what define a person. In fact he’s spent the last few years documenting the cultural diversity of Canada where he lives.

He also has a passion for teaching and spent more than a decade as a part-time lecturer at the School of Journalism at Concordia University in Montreal.  While there he helped develop that institution's Graduate Diploma in Visual Journalism program.  

Phil also spent a month in Rwanda teaching multimedia journalism as part of a programme to train working journalists post Genocide.    

He is the author of Breast Stories, a study, through photographic portraits and essays, of mastectomy and female identity. 


514 745 6080