Cultures & Wildlife of Tanzania

Oct. 10 - 23, 2022

Workshop Summary


This comprehensive photography workshop expedition, led by photojournalist Phil Carpenter in partnership with The Image of Africa, will take you through some of the most diverse parts of Tanzania, off the beaten path, to see ancient cultures rarely seen by outsiders, and observe a rich array of wildlife. 

You will spend time with, and learn about unique groups, such as the hunter-gatherer Hadzabe tribe, the Iraqw people, and the Barabaig community. They are graciously allowing you to witness and experience some of their hunting, dancing, and singing traditions, as well as religious practices they may be engaged in at the time. In this unique full immersive experience, you will camp at least one full day and night camping with them. 

For part of the trip, you will see diverse African wildlife in two world-famous locations. First, the Northern Serengeti, well known for its cheetahs as well as other big cats. It’s also where you can witness parts of the Great Migration as millions of animals move in search of water, and sometimes encountering a gauntlet of crocodiles. There’s also the Tarangire National Park where you might see large herds of elephants and other animals including lions and cheetahs. 

Capturing moments in time. A glimpse of authentic tribal traditions. The beauty and diversity of Tanzanian wildlife. What more could you ask for in a unique African photographic adventure? Join us. Explore and discover a new world through a different lens.

Sandawe Tribe

The Sandawe are hunter-gatherers and the descendants of Sun people, the original people of Africa.  They live in North-Central Tanzaniain the Kondoa district and is considered a tribe in extinction.  The Sandawe language includes click sounds and is unrelated to other languages around them, which makes it very difficult to learn. They love singing, dancing, and telling stories, they worship the moon and stars, and they practice witchcraft.

Northern Serengeti

In the Northern Region, the landscape is very scenic and consists of hills, riverine forests and plains. There is the famous Mara River, which provides the setting for the fantastic river crossing event by the giant herds of wildebeest, providing an ultimate great migration experience.The Northern part of the Serengeti is famous for its cheetahs, the gracious big cats of Africa.During the Great Migration and the Mara River crossing you can witness the most fascinating wildlife spectacle: over two million wildebeests along with thousands of zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, impalas and kudus make their attempt to cross the Mara River in search for grazing and water. During this time the Nile Crocodiles and Hippos try to hunt the multitude of animals making it a challenge for the migrants to reach the opposite shore.

Barabaig Community

The Barabaig (literally ‘men who beat the stick’) are shepherds belonging to the largest ethnic group of the Datoga, who migrated from the Nile Valley more than a thousand years ago. They have been present inTanzania, at the foot of the Great Rift Valley, for at least 150 years. Barabaig are blacksmiths and knowhow to work iron and brass.  The art of seduction distinguishes the tribal rituals.  The girls, adorned with brass bracelets and collars, garments of tanned leather and coloured beads, dance and try to seduce the strongest men.  Barabaig men show  their strength by killing a ferocious animal, such as leopard, an elephant or a lion.

Nyikan Camp

Nyikani Camp Tarangire is located in Tarangire National Park. The dry season (June to October) is the most exciting  time for wildlife viewing when the animals gather at water points around the park. You may see large herds of elephants, some giraffes, buffalos, zebras, and of course the big cats! This camp is located in a less crowded area of the park with excellent access to the river, swamp, and other regions. Nyikani Camp Tarangire offers an extraordinarily comfortable and intimate atmosphere in the middle of Tanzania's wilderness! 12 normal guest tents and 1 family tent with 2 ensuite bathrooms; private, shaded verandah overlooking the bush; flush toilet, double washbasins with running water, safari-style bucket shower, and other essential amenities including lounge chairs (indoor and outdoor) and morning coffee and tea butler service.

Ziwani Lodge, located on an escarpment overlookingLake Eyasi in Northern Tanzania, offers sweeping views of the Rift Valley. 

Photo: Ziwani Lodge. 

There are approximately 1000 individuals who self-identify as Hadzabe. Of this total, approximately 300 are nomadic and live a hunting and gathering lifestyle, collecting over 95% of the food that they consume.  

Photo: The Image of Africa

Masai en route to a bull slaughter.  Photo: The Image of Africa

Cost: from US$10, 748 per person.  Please contact tour organizer, The Image of Africa for detailed itinerary and prices breakdown.