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Jamaica Cultural Photography Adventures

$3500.00 USD


Jamaica Tours.

The 8-day experiential tour's focus will be photographing people as we explore rugged mountain trails, bustling markets, rural rum bars, fishing villages, aspects of Rastafarian culture, settlements of Maroons - descendants of Maroon warriors (Africans who escaped slavery), sandy beaches, etc.  Workshop participants will witness parts of authentic Jamaican culture which haven't been seen by most visitors.  The purpose is to learn about the culture and history of the island through photographing, and participating in, daily life.  Participants will get one-on-one mentoring and coaching while they shoot.  Most evenings, time permitting, there will be a debrief and a chance to explore lessons learned.    Participants will stay at a luxury beachfront villa in Runaway Bay, just minutes from Ocho Rios.

Note: open to anyone from advanced amateur to a beginner who has only a mobile camera phone.  The workshop less about gear and more about the art of photography and photographing people.